Lesson Overview: Temptation is something that every human person on earth experiences. As Christians, how are we supposed to respond to temptation? Even more, how can we overcome temptation? This youth group lesson on temptation reminds students that they’re not alone in their temptation, and that ultimately, the way to overcome it is to surrender completely to God.

Bible: James 1:12-15; 1 Corinthians 10:13; James 4:7

Bottom Line: Give your temptation to God.

Capture: Grab their attention with an illustration.

  • Illustration/Story: Let’s talk about something we all struggle with — temptation. Whether it’s a serious sin or something simple like eating too much pizza, if we could be honest with ourselves, not many of us have incredible success against temptation when we really want something. Share a lighthearted story to help illustrate this point.
  • God’s plan for our life is to resist temptation, but it’s difficult! If you feel overwhelmed by temptation, know that God has a way out for you.

Connect: Connect them to God’s word.

  • Tension Question: How do we fight against temptation in our lives? Tonight, Scripture is going to show us the way out of temptation.
  • Scripture: James 1:12-15 — Temptation comes from our own sinful desires. God blesses us when we patiently endure moments of temptation.

Consider: What does this mean for us today?

  • Scripture: 1 Corinthians 10:13 — If you feel powerless to temptation, Scripture has great news: God offers you a way out.
  • It may sound strange, but God wants you to give him your temptation! He offers you a way of escape from every situation you might find yourself in.
  • It’s difficult to find the escape, but even harder to take it! When we live in communication with God through prayer, we are tuned in His plan for us. It’s easy to choose God over our temptation when our focus is set on him.
  • If you are struggling with temptation, give it to God! Pray and ask him for help. He promises to help you.
  • When you live in surrender, even surrendering moments of temptation, God will protect you, guide you, and establish you!
  • Bottom Line: Give your temptation to God.

Collide: How do we apply this in our lives?

  • Scripture: James 4:7 — Humble yourself before God and resist the devil. This is the guaranteed method for overcoming temptation.
  • Scripture says that the enemy is crafty and powerful. If we think we are immune to temptation, we’re setting ourselves up for failure.
  • Instead, humble yourself before God by recognizing your need for him and his presence. We can’t live without him.
  • Then, actively resist the enemy’s temptation. Pray and ask God to remove you from the situation, to change the way you think, to give you strength — whatever you need.
  • The promise of scripture is that when we are humble before God and active in resisting the devil, he will flee! Patiently endure, and the enemy will run away. You can overcome temptation in your life!
  • Application: Humble yourself before God and resist the devil.

Call: How do we respond to the message?

  • Altar moment: Don’t stay a victim any longer. Tonight, take a firm stand against the enemy and his temptation in your life. Humble yourself before God and make a commitment to asking God for help in the middle of your temptation.
  • Small Group Questions:
  1. Whether big or small, why is temptation so difficult for us to resist?
  2. How have you fought against temptation in your life? What has worked and what hasn’t?
  3. What are some ways you can surrender temptation to God?
  4. How can you humble yourself and resist the devil’s temptation this week?


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