Lesson Overview: If anyone in Scripture had a reason to be proud or was entitled to be served, it was the Son of God, and yet, Jesus lived in total humility and served others instead. This Youth Group lesson will unpack God’s purpose for humility in our lives and how we can better serve others.

Bible: Romans 12:16; John 13:1-17; Philippians 2:3-4

Bottom Line: Jesus lived humbly so we can live humbly.

Capture: Grab their attention with an illustration.

  • Illustration/Story: Have you ever met someone who was over-confident? Like, over-confident on a crazy level. It doesn’t matter what it is — they were convinced they were going to win and they were loud about it. Tell a story about someone you know who was wildly over confident.
  • No one likes playing against these people (well, unless you crush them). It’s not fun to hear other people talk over and over about how awesome they are. Honestly, it’s kind of annoying.
  • In a more spiritual sense, Scripture talks about this a lot. Over and over, Scripture reminds us the importance of being humble.

Connect: Connect them to God’s word.

  • Tension Question: Are you a naturally humble person or are you the over-confident friend convinced you’ll always win? Tonight, we’re going to see what Scripture has to say about this and how it relates to the way we live our lives.
  • Scripture: Romans 12:16 — Scripture is clear: we’re not to be conceited, proud, or view ourselves higher than others. We’re called to live in harmony with people!

Consider: What does this mean for us today?

  • Scripture: John 13:1-17 — Jesus perfectly shows us through this story that no matter who we are, we are always called to walk in humility and serve others.
  • He was the Son of God and the Savior of the world, and He still the washed the disciples’ feet.
  • Back in those days, feet were gross — even grosser than they are now! Everyone wore sandals and their feet were exposed to the elements. Washing someone else’s feet was one of the lowliest tasks there was. And Jesus did it for all of His disciples. 
  • If we’re honest, it can be really difficult to be humble. It’s important to remember, if we really want to live how God has called us to and make a difference in our world, we have to keep humility at the forefront.
  • Bottom Line: Jesus lived humbly so we can live humbly.

Collide: How do we apply this in our lives?

  • Scripture: Philippians 2:3-4 — Humility looks after others’ interests before your own. It values other people, even before it values you. 
  • This is how Jesus loved us — He looked after our interests above His. He chose to die on the cross — that wasn’t in His interest, it was in ours!
  • Story: Share about a time someone humbled themself to serve you. How did that make you feel?
  • Living in humility gives us an opportunity to show God’s love to the world. When we love others like that, they see Jesus in us.
  • Application: Stay humble and choose to serve others.

Call: How do we respond to the message?

  • Altar moment: Tonight, ask God how you can go out of your way in humility to serve your friends, family, and city. When you ask God to help you know how to serve others, He will give you creative, Holy-Spirit inspired ideas. God wants to love the people in your life through you — and He wants to partner with you so you can see His love in action in your life!
  • Small Group Questions:
  1. Have you ever been around someone who was weirdly competitive or over-confident? What was that like?
  2. Are you someone who is humble or are you the over-confident friend?
  3. How would your life look different if you chose to serve the people in your life in humility?
  4. What are some ways you can humbly serve the people in your life this week?Enjoyed this Youth Group Lesson?

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